Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Malakand
Chakdara, Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Prof. Zamin Gul

"The establishment of BISE Malakand is yet another expression of the government resolve to make accessible education to all at their doorsteps. It reflects the commitment of the government to facilitate the students at SSC and HSSC levels The BISE Malakand, situated at Chakdara, provides services to the students of schools and colleges in the area of its jurisdiction. Presently, it covers the areas of District Dir Lower, Dir Upper, Malakand and Bajaur."

S.No Designated Officer with BPS Public Services/Responsibilities


Chairman, BPS-20

1. Competent Authority of the Board.
2. Overall Supervision of the whole Board.


Secretary, BPS-19

1. To Assist the Chairman of the Board.
2. Controls the administrative side of the Board.
3. Responsible to arrange Finance and BOG meetings and prepare agendas for any meetings.
4. To circulate minutes of all the meetings with the concerned.


Controller of Examinations, BPS-18

1. To conduct all types of examinations to be held by the Board.
2. To appoint supervisory staff for these examinations.
3. Supervise the overall process of the examinations along with result preparation and declaration.
4. To assist the Secretary and Chairman of the Board in the examination process.


Assistant Controller (Secrecy) BPS-17

1. To assist Controller of Examination in the examination process at Secrecy Level.
2. To examine and check the overall secrecy process of result preparation and declaration.


Assistant Controller (Conduct) BPS-17

1. To Assist Controller of Examinations in the examination process at conduct level.
2. To prepare and issue notification of admission and prepare datesheet for various exams to be conducted by Board.
3. To assist Controller of Examinations in the appointment of supervisory staff for examinations.
4. To process and check the TA/DA claims of the claimants perform supervisory duties.


Assistant Secretary (Academic), BPS-17

1. To Assist the Secretary in the academic side of the Board.
2. To supervise the process of Enrolment/Registration of the students and the affiliation/registration of various schools and colleges.
3. To issue migration certificates to students from one institution to another or from one Board to another Board/Universtiy.
4. To notify the Enrolment/Registration time frame.
5. To issue course patterns and model paper to the students for various exams.
6. To issue National Talent Scholarship (NTS) Notification each year.
7. Organize and maintain record of students and distribute cheques amongst students of Stoori da Paktunkhwa program each and every year.
8. Organize PSF Competition.
9. Organize Summer Camp and Gold Medal Ceremony.
10. Grade-V and Grade-VII Enrolment.
11. Provision of various type of data regarding schools/colleges and enrolled students to E&SE Department.
12. Litigation Cell


Assistant Secretary (Certificate), BPS-17

1. To assist Secretary of the Board in the certificate side.
2. To issue and prepare certificates for students appearing in various exams.
3. To make corrections in various data related to certificates like name, father name and DOB etc.
4. Verification of Original Certificates.


Assistant Secretary (Establishment), BPSE-17

1. To assist the Secretary at Establishment Side.
2. To prepare the monthly payroll of the Board officer/officials.
3. Correspondence with departments of the Civil Secretariat.
4. To issue various notifications regarding Board’s general affairs.


Accounts Officer, BPS-17

1. Accounts Officer of the Board holds all the matters related to accounts and finance.
2. Prepare and present the Annual Budget at Finance and BOG forums.
3. Looks after the overall income and expenditure of the board and also maintains the record.


Audit Officer, BPS-17

1. Assist the Secretary and Chairman at audit side.
2. Pre-auditing of the TA/DA claims of the supervisory and marking staff.
3. Process all the payment claims related to Board’s affairs.


Computer Programmer, BPS-17

1. Supervise the overall computerization of the Board.
2. To ensure the on-time and transparent process of exam preparation and result preparation/declaration.
3. Facilitation of all the sections of the Board through computerization of their activities.


Admin Officer, BPS-17

1. Maintenance of BISE complex and residential bungalows.
2. Assist the Secretary in the administration side.
3. Arrange all the refreshment for various events and meetings of the Board.


Director Sports, BPS-18

1. Conducts Inter Colleges Sports Tournaments.
2. Prepare teams for Inter Board Tournaments.
3. Issue awards, medals and certificates to all the players every year.


A National Commission on Education, consisting of experts from different fields, of education was appointed in December, 1958. the Commission was mandated to review the then existing education system of the country. The Commission recommended that Secondary Education be given an independent status with specific aims and objectives. The secondary education separated from University and the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education were established. The Board will be responsible for the conduct of Examination at the secondary and intermediate levels. Perhaps the idea was that the secondary education, which was the most formative stage, may receive special attention for its growth and development on other creating favorable atmosphere and conditions for the University to look after Higher Learning and Research work which shall guarantee capable and inspired leadership for the country. With this in view like other Boards in the country, the Examining Bodies, BISE Peshawar was established in 1961. At that time the area of Peshawar Board was comprised of the whole Khaber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal area.

The number of Educational Institutions and students were increasing day by day. The Peshawar Board had established sub-office at Mardan, Swat, Kohat, Bannu Chitral and D.I.Khan. Later on the number of educational institutions and students increased to the extent that the public demanded the creation of more Boards. Taking into consideration the public demand, the Govt: decided to establish more Boards at Abbottabad, Bannu, Swat, Kohat, Mardan, Malakand and D.I.Khan. At present there are eight BISE's functioning in Khaber Pakhtunkhwa. As for as the jurisdiction of BISE Malakand is concerned, it is comprised of four zones (ie) 1. Dir Lower 2. Dir Upper 3. Distt: Malakand and 4. Bajaur.

  • To lay down the conditions for admission to its examinations to determine the eligibility of candidates and to admit them to such examinations in accordance with CBC minutes/ instructions which are being provided to the Board time by time.
  • implementation of National Curricula and prescribe courses of study provided by Ministry of Education Islamabad or TBB (Text Book Board) Hayatabad Peshawar, among Educational institutions under the jurisdiction of BISE Malakand with letter and spirit.
  • Accord, refuse or withdraw recognitions, wholly or partly.
  • Award of merit scholarships, medals and merit certificates to meritorious students in the prescribed manner.
  • Awards for bet teacher and best institution of each academic year.
  • Arrangement for inspection of Educational institutions in a phased programe.
  • Nomination of meritorious students for presidential award and summer camp each year as determined by the ministry of education Islamabad and IBCC Islamabad


With the growing population of the students the Govt: almost every year up-grading Govt: Middle Schools to High Status. The management of such kind of Govt: schools forward their cases to the Board for affiliation purpose. The Board being the examining bodies and affiliating bodies inspect such schools with the collaboration of the concerned EDO (S&L) for the purpose of feasibility of the schools for affiliation purpose with the Board. Resultantly the Board, accord, refuse or withdraw affiliation of the school wholly or partly in the best interest of the students concerned.

Similarly the management of private institutions also routed their applications/required documents of their institutions to the Board and the Board authorities launch inspections of such institutions along with concerned EDO (S&L) and an expert educationist of the area to examine the feasibility of the school/institution in all respect in the best interest of the concerned students community. Thus the Board accord, refuse or withdraw their affiliation/ registration, in the interest of the students.


After declaration of SSC result, the students take admission in the Colleges/ Higher Secondary Schools for HSSC Examination. The Board Provides a notification for registration of the students with the Board for HSSC. Examination to all concerned colleges/ Higher Secondary Schools for compliance and this procedure starts from the month of August and laps at the end of October each year at the rate of Rs. 110/- per students as registration fee.

Similarly those students who pass their middle standard examination and promote to Class-9th. The Board provide a notification to SSC level institutions for enrolment of students for SSC examination. This process starts from September an ends till the last of December each year at the rate Rs. 90 per student as enrolment fee.


The Board being examining body hold workshops of supervisory staff nominated for examination duties of SSC and HSSC exams to give training and instruction for the conduction of smooth and transparent examination before the commencement of examination each year.

Similarly the Board also hold seminars of Quiz competition among the students on Iqbal day (9th November), Independence Day (14th August) and Pakistan day (23rd March) each year. The Board also hold Urdu/Pashto and English debate/declamation contest among the students of its educational institutions, both SSC and HSSC level institutions on various topics.

The Board also arrange for holding of essay competition among the students of various educational institution in order to promote their innovative activities.

The function of the borad is to conduct examinations of SSC(9th/10th Class) and HSSC (11th/12th Class) and to prepare the result.

The Jurisdiction of the Board was consisting of the following four districts and two Agencies and two districts.

  • District Malakand.
  • District Bajaur.
  • District Dir Lower.
  • District Dir Upper.

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